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J udith H elton
All programs include a question and answer period IN
CHARACTER.  In order to give her audiences the
experience of meeting someone from the past, Ms. Helton
does ongoing research into the life and times of her
characters.  Little wonder that when she steps out her front
door her neighbors ask, “Who are you today?”
Abigail Adams
Abigail Adams
ABIGAIL ADAMS – “In the new Code of Laws, I desire you would remember the Ladies.” This former First Lady and pioneer of women’s rights gives a guided tour of her life and times. Ask her about her experiences as the wife of President John Adams. What was it like to be the first woman to live in the White House? Ask her about Washington, Jefferson and Franklin. She knew them all! With spinning wheel and wool, Mrs. Adams also presents a salute to the patriots in petticoats with a demonstration of the making of homespun as a protest against Mother England.
Laura Ingalls Wilder
LAURA INGALLS WILDER comes to life in this presentation as Judith Helton assumes the character of the famous children ’s author telling stories from the LITTLE HOUSE books.

Presented with permission of the Little House Heritage Trust.
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Lotta Crabtree
LOTTA CRABTREE – With banjo, bones and tambourine, this golden girl of the Old West tells of her life as a child performer in the California gold fields in story and in song.
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