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F rederick T.( T ed ) A lexander B iography
G eorge W ashington

I was born and bred in Los Angeles, California. I grew up with a keen sense of history and as luck would have it, I was chosen to participate in the Tournament of Roses parade as George Washington in 1994. That is how I got involved in appearing as George Washington. Since then I have given lectures before many groups and organizations and made numerous appearances, which include:

Personal Appearances
July 4, 2013, Tribute to Declaration of Independence, Santa Barbara, CA.
"Nite with George Washington," Burbank Public Library;
Riverside County Registrar of Voters: Voting with Abe and George in 2012.
Buena Park Public School; Yucca Valley Grubstake Days Parade; Morongo Valley Fiesta Days Program; "Celebrate America on the Blvd," Lancaster, CA; Fourth of July celebration, Cerritos, CA; Jewish Holocaust program, Venice, CA; D.A.R.; S.A.R.; fraternal organizations; Military Officers Association, receiving their meritorious service award; Reagan Presidentioal Library; Huntington Library; Republican organizations,
schools, state, and county fairs; senior citizen organizations; and other patriotic organizations; and a Trade Show, Omaha, NE.

Internet: "George Washington Mad as Hell"
    Retrieve at:

The Ellen DeGeneres Show,
The History Channel: "Presidential Prophecies", "An American Thanksgiving.", and "Presidential Prophecies."

"An Evening with George Washington", six one man shows at the Grove Cabin Theater, Morongo Valley, CA.

"Worm Biz" (Washington first compost farmer); "Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings" (Riddles in Stone), and "The Destruction of the American Republic".

Library of Congress/Ad Council. I am also a member of "Living Legends".

My uniform is authentic, and I have a well-rounded knowledge of George Washington and the 18th century in general; and in particular, the Revolutionary War.
For more information, please
contact me at:

Frederick T. (Ted) Alexander
a.k.a. George Washington
56713 Lowe Avenue
Yucca Valley CA 92284

(760) 364-3569
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