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If you have ever watched “Extra” or “Insider” you must view the works of Page Hedden Wilson, an impressive name for a very impressive woman. She is a playwright, actress, and producer of critically acclaimed plays about famous women you have wondered about for years; Dolly Madison, Mary Todd Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, The Duchess of Windsor,  Agatha Christie and more. She has studied her craft both here and abroad, and researched her characters carefully, using authentic props and dress as adjuncts to her theatrical voyages. She has traveled extensively and performed from Maine to California delighting audiences with her sharp introspective look at the great women of history. She has performed in all sorts of venues from staid Universities to retirement communities, from Historical societies to Women’s Clubs, all with the same results, rave reviews, enlightened and entertained audiences.

Her presentations are full length plays she has written about these women and explores all the depths of character that have made them famous, With Eleanor Roosevelt, Ms. Wilson depicts the emotional upheaval of Mrs. Roosevelt as she discovers Franklins love letters to his life long mistress,
Lucy Mercer.

As Mary Todd Lincoln, she displays the heart broken lady who endured public insanity hearings, instituted by her own son.
She bills her presentation based on the life of the Duchess of Windsor as “The Love Story of the Century” which drew as much interest in
America as it did in England, as the scandal unfolded. In her Agatha Christies presentation, she shows the “Queen of Mystery” dealing with the uncertainties and agonies of her work. In all of her presentations, Page Wilson weaves a factual and entertaining look deep into the personae of each famous character.
The multifaceted talents of Page Hedden Wilson are not easily forgotten and her vivid portrayals will enthrall you and open your mind to the non-public life of these ladies.

Page is hard at work developing “A Few Moments in Time with Lady Bird Johnson”, to add to her repertoire of characters. This should be ready for presentation in 2014.

If interested in the plays themselves, they are now available for rental by the author. Performances of these great historical characters, can be booked now. Ms. Wilson is booking 2014 Fall and Winter appearances now, and will accept 2015 bookings as well. It’s an unforgettable experience not to be missed.
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Page Hedden Wilson
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TEL: (203) 847-0551
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