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Peter Small believes that it is people who make history happen.  While teaching social studies, he developed his program with costumed presentations from George Washington to Harry Truman for his classes, which became memorable and enjoyable lessons for his pupils.  He has performed before a wide variety of audiences.  For ten years he was the presenter at Knott's Berry Farm's Thomas Edison Workshop.  He has been a performing artist with The Performing Tree of Los Angeles, and is currently an adjunct instructor for the Older Adults Program at the North Orange County Community College District.  He has performed at the Ronald Reagan, Herbert Hoover, Richard Nixon, and George Bush Presidential Libraries, Port Huron, Michigan's Thomas Edison Festival, and has appeared on the History Channel and KTTV-TV's Midday Sunday in Los Angeles.
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Peter M. Small
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TEL: (949) 631-2703
CELL: (760) 717-9666

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School Shows page 1
School Shows page 2
George Washington. Meet the Father of Our Country as he separates fact from myth about his life from the cherry tree to crossing the Delaware River.
George Washington
John Adams - Our second U.S. President and first Vice President. His advocacy and leadership in 1776 made him "The Atlas of American Independence."
John Adams
Thomas Jefferson. He was the Third President, but the Sage of Monticello would rather be remembered as a scientist, farmer, inventor, architect, and author of the Declaration of Independence.
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Edison. This interactive program shows how the Wizard of Menlo Park invented the electric light bulb, phonograph, and motion pictures. "Your adaptation of my great-grandfather, Thomas Edison, would be much appreciated by him."- Professor David E. Edison Sloan, University of New Haven.
Thomas Edison
Theodore Roosevelt - Meet one of America's most exciting and dynamic Presidents. He was a hunter and a conservationist. He was also a warrior who won the Nobel Peace Prize.
Theodore Roosevelt
Franklin D. Roosevelt. We meet F.D.R. as he looks back at his accomplishments as President and ahead to victory in World War II and rebuilding the postwar world.
Franklin Roosevelt
Franklin Roosevelt
Franklin Roosevelt
Harry S. Truman,The Buck Stops Here. In his blunt, plain speaking style, Mr. Truman tells how he met the challenges of the Presidency from dropping the Atomic Bomb to the dismissal of General MacArthur.
Harry Truman
Harry Truman
Golda Meir. As prime minister of an embattled nation, her story is also the story of the State of Israel... " I'm actually talking to Golda Meir." - Tony Valdez, host, Midday Sunday, KTTV-TV, Los Angeles, CA
Golda Meir
Moses the Lawgiver - He led the Israelites from slavery to freedom. Through Devine revelation and inspiration, he presented the Ten Commandments and the basis of religious and moral law to his people.
Moses The Law Giver
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For grades K-12:

      Touring area: CA. Will fly elsewhere if school pays airtravel expenses.

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      Travel expenses for outside of Southern California and out of state.

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A c k n o w l e d g e m e n t s :
a) The Orange County Register, Monday, February 12, 2007, about my performance as Golda Meir:

b) A link to KCAL-TV interview from February 22, 2007:

c) Link to 8/12/07 article in The Californian on performance as Thomas Jefferson:

d) Youtube links: (which includes:)

    1) KGAN-TV coverage of the Hooverfest, Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, West Branch,
         Iowa, August 1999,

    2) KCAL-TV, February 22, 2007 (same as b above),

    3) As George Washington, Torrance Library, Torrance, CA, February 2006:

e) A link to the O.C. Register article and photographs of August 18, 2009 performance as Thomas
      Jefferson at the Nixon Library:

f) A link to the OC Register from August 2009, when I performed as Thomas Jefferson
      at the Nixon Library:

g) Youtube link to the Garden Grove Cable Channel about our appearance at the Nixon Library on
      Presidents' Day 2012, religious and moral law to his people:

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